President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t want to talk to Jaybee Sebastian in spite of the latter’s request of talking with the President to divulge everything he knows about the illegal drug trade inside the national penitentiary.

Sebastian’s lawyer, Aduardo Arriba, spoke on behalf of his client saying that Sebastian wants to personally talk to the President instead to avoid any disruption in the on-going investigation at the House of Representatives.

The President said that he doesn’t talk to criminals, and that if he wants to say something, he can go to the fiscal or write a letter to Secretary Perfecto Yasay.

Sebastian continues to fear for his life, but Duterte said that he asked for it. He added that he should be careful of what he wish for or what he wants because he might get it, because there is a thing called karma.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said on a previous interview that Sebastian was only willing to touch on the alleged food anomaly inside the NBP and wouldn’t want to say something about the illegal drug trade.

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