Senator Leila de Lima furiously reacted to a news item about the statement made by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez saying that somebody must be out to silence high-profile inmate, Jaybee Sebastian, regarding the incident that happened in the New Bilibid Prison, thus, insinuating that she’s the one who was behind it.

De Lima made fuming statements against President Duterte and other government officials.
"Ano na naman ang implication nila? Kagagawan ko na naman 'yan?," she said in a press briefing.

"Sila ang nanggigipit sa akin. Masyado na nila akong ginigipit, inaapit at ganiyan pa ang gagawin nila. Lahat na lang sinisisi sa akin. And they call themselves men?"

"Ganiyan ba ang mga lalaki? They're cowards, they're fools, and they're liars. That is the bunch of officials that we have now.".

She said that the President should stop throwing accusations at her using circumstances and link them to her.  She insisted that she was innocent and had nothing to do with what her critics accuse her of, especially her involvement in drugs.

Senator de Lima couldn’t help but to voice out her outraged heart and even challenged the President to arrest her any time.

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