Two military communication signal jammers were installed at the building 14 of the national penitentiary. Authorities said that these would prevent high-profile inmates to do illegal transactions while inside the prisons.

The Korean-made jamming device costs 2 million pesos each, and were said to be donated by supporters of President Duterte.

One jammer was installed at the compound’s holding area, and the other one on the tower. Both jammers were secured inside a steel casing to prevent anybody from touching the switch or any of their controls. Justice Secretary Aguirre will be the one to personally keep the key.

Undersecretary Enan Orceo said that the installation of the jammers will at least minimize if not prevent illegal transactions using mobile phones. The device can interfere or block different communication device signals like 4G, 3G, GPS and radio frequencies within a 20-meter radius.

As much as the DOJ’s wish to install jammers in the Bilibid prison’s maximum compound, President Duterte also plans on putting more jammers in prison facilities.

While NBP personnel undergo training, SAF troops were put in the facility temporarily to take over as prison’s security. Orceo added that NBP personnel undergo training to make them to be more well-equipped and more effective in manning the NBP.

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