The Duterte administration is very serious in its campaign against illegal drugs and is out to spare no one even celebrities who are into illegal drug trade and abuse.

The government’s Oplan Tokhang is really an anti-drug campaign. The police knock on drug suspects’ houses and persuade them to stop their illegal drug trade.

In a press briefing at Camp Crame, General dela Rosa said that the rule of law applies to all, and that includes the celebrities. But as of now, the authorities have not yet received a list of celebrities who are allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

Dela Rosa also said that the illegal drugs in the Philippines come from other countries, and that demand will certainly decrease simply by toppling down the supply. He also urged everyone to help them win the drug war.

He is also determined to jail any policemen who would be found guilty or would have any involvement in illegal drugs. He also added that his previous trip to Colombia was quite educational and more eye-opening.

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