Senator Leila de Lima expressed her belief that the violent incident that happened in the national penitentiary was orchestrated by the administration. According to her, it’s probably the president’s desperate way of forcing inmates to testify against her.

De Lima also said that Vicente Sy, Peter Co, Tony Co and Jaybee Sebastian’s lives were put on the line after refusing to testify against her on the alleged illegal drug trade in the national penitentiary.

She even said, “I’m not discounting the possibility that this so-called riot is MalacaƱang’s way of sending its message to prisoners who refuse to implicate me in the Bilibid drug trade.”

The Senator also added that she has received reports that the PNP-SAF troopers even subjected some inmates to psychological torture to force them so make up stories against her.

De Lima remarked, “It makes this government an assassin state, a state that promotes murder and summary executions as policy and as a weapon against perceived enemies.”.

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