On a Sunday night in a speech in Malacanang, President Duterte mentioned that he’s not focused on illicit gambling yet, at least for now. He said that he’s focused primarily on illegal drugs.

Mr. Duterte explained that if he would include other things in his agenda right now, it would create a less concentration of efforts against his primary target – illegal drugs, which he said is of major importance. 

The president stated his point to his classmates by saying, “That’s why I’m not hitting gambling now. Why? Because everyone will be off-focused, including the police.” He said this because he believes that illegal drug personalities would possibly resort to taking over a gambling network as soon as the problem of illegal drug trade was taken care of.

Mr. Duterte went on to say, “Instead of focusing on drugs, this time our personnel, the warm bodies would be stretched thin. If I focus on other things, what would happen?” He believes that solving the illegal numbers game with the police would be fruitless, and it’s because of the underlying problem of corruption among some of our local government officials.

The President, of course, may also touch on other law enforcement matters of our country while focusing on his intensified campaign against illegal drugs, but again, he said that his aim was to completely wipe out the network of criminal syndicates. He cannot let it pass, and that his enemies would eventually double in numbers in the coming days.

The public seems to be unaware of the severity of the illegal drug problem, he said. That is why he was putting great emphasis on what illegal drugs could do to a person. He lets the public realize how cruel our illegal drug problem is by citing what’s happening today. Illegal drug personalities are voluntarily surrendering by the thousands, countrywide. And it’s horrifying to know of the figure and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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