President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t care if people equate his character and personality with Amin Dada, the late Ugandan dictator who ruled Uganda with an iron rod. His regime was hated and blamed by human rights activists in the ‘70s for the death of more than a hundred thousand people.

Duterte has, again, expressed his intention to finally put a stop to all the evil things that plague our country like criminality, corruption, and illegal drugs. This happened on Sunday night in Malacanang when he was with his San Beda College of Law classmates. President Duterte is known for his strong and fearless advocacy against illegal drugs and seems to consent killing drug personalities, but he denied ever killing innocent people even when he was still mayor of Davao City.

Mr. Duterte stated these things, “I don’t care…I know that…I will retire with the reputation of Idi Amin. I don’t expect you to keep faith in me or to believe in me all the time, but…God is there. I have never killed an innocent human being. Never. I don’t like it.” He also added, “My paradigm is not like here in Manila…in Mindanao, people resort to killings. Why will I change what I know? It is serving the country well.”

He said that those who are in leadership positions in the government cannot resort to killing all people just to lead the country. “It is impossible to do that,” he said. But at this stage of our life, we have a very serious problem and there are things which I have to do because…I’m the only one who can do it and nobody else.”

It has been reported that when Mr. Duterte became president many individuals, around 200, who were on illegal drugs were killed through his serious and focused campaign against illegal drugs. And now, the President said that around 80,000 people voluntarily surrendered to authorities to help themselves refrain from using or trading illegal drugs. Duterte made his point that only his conscience could make him change his mind from what he has vowed to do to put a stop to illegal drug activities which destroyed the lives of 3 million Filipinos.

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