President Duterte calmed the hearts of informal settlers from fear of demolition. He said that during his term, there will be no demolitions without suitable relocation. “During my time, there will be no demolition pag walang relocation, ‘di ako papayag.” He also implemented the same policy when he was still mayor of Davao City. In lined with this, he ordered the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to have a stricter implementation of tax collection because he added that the funds for his anti-poverty programs would come from that.

“Kasi kung walang mapuntahan, sirain mo ang bahay…ano parang aso? Eh saan pupunta yung mga tao?” Duterte made this statement and directive during a fellowship dinner in Malacanang with the San Beda College of Law Alumni 1971 and 1972 on Sunday night, July18. 

Duterte promised that the underprivileged Filipinos shall be provided with livelihood, and that he will create programs and raise funds, all for their welfare. He further said, “Yung lahat na gusto nating gamitin, we will look for a suitable relocation and that is what itong mga bagong papasok, you have to build new industries.”

According to President Duterte, adequate funding for his anti-poverty programs would be made available. But to make it happen, BIR’s help is very important, that is why he ordered BIR Commissioner Cesar Dulay to impose a more effective way in collecting taxes.

Through the BIR, the President also aimed his strict directive and law enforcement at rich businessmen who evaded paying correct taxes, particularly about the tax-free importation of goods.

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